Own Embroidery System

In 1974 an accident at work has extremely changed Meindert Jan van Wijk’s life. Due to the habit helping himself his whole life he started to embroider. During this he founded out that all kinds of Gobelins have slant. After some research he found and developed completely new system of embroidering, which he named as “Out-Inside-Out” system.

Today Meindert Jan van Wijk is an author of more than 120 unique Gobelins that are made by own technique: 398 stitches per cm2! Another interesting feature of his developed embroidering system is that the front side and the back side of Gobelin are absolutely identical. Well-known art critic Jos van Son & Visser after evaluating new system of embroidering comparing to old systems (Paris, Milan) noted its superiority of Gobelin canvas stability.

The new system was a big surprise to art critics, however, after many years of exhibitions in USA, Germany, Holland, Russia and Latvia, author’s name become well-known in the world of Gobelin art and even come in the catalogue “Who is Who” and after the new system there was recognized the unique feature of the embroidery stability.

Many people from different countries have visited his Gobelin exhibitions. By this some of his works are seen as icons. So the Chinese called the Gobelin with “Yin-Yang” pictogram as dedication full of devotion. The Indian were surprised by Gobelin of Holy “Laxmi”, the Scandinavians by “Griffon” with rune. The Russian called the artist “Phoenix from Holland”. In Latvia his name was added to Cultural literally miscellany of the Blackhead House.