1936 – Meindert Jan van Wijk was born in the town of Brunssum in the Netherlands. His parents were the Meindert and Helena Maria Hillegie van Wijk.

1939 – Hitler's Germany invaded a part of Holland, transporting people, including three-year-old Jan, to different lagers.

1945 – He served on one of the Netherlands mines as a loader.

1951 – He tried a number of professions from metallurgical factory worker to sailor and cartographer. He lived in Greenland, Alaska, Burma, Peru and on the Amazon in Brazil. "Unable to have any education afterwards, he did educate himself.

1984 – He moved to a newly built polder Flevoland in Holland, getting invalid status from the state. In his free time he created the Gobelins and even invented the New Embroidery system that avoided the slanting. Between doing himself the house-hold, shopping and cleaning his laundry et c. and his bobby of photography, he started to leant the English language by means of correspondence with all kinds of people all over the World.

1998 – The first publishing of his poems in English for American anthologies he translated himself. He received "The Editors Choice Award" and the "World Poetry Award". His school was life itself and to receive this World Poetry Award is indeed a big Achievement in Poetry but also in literature in a foreign language.
Owing to his knowledge of English, he found a new "pen pal", the Russian woman from Latvia Dzerzhina. The great Love filling followed the long period of correspondence by mail. He discovered She was also a woman of great culture and even She corresponded, She letting her letters be translated, She showed a great compassion and love to this self educated man of that faraway Country of Holland.

1999 – The couple moved to a new domicile in Riga following their wedding. The honeymoon trip to visit her family in Moscow took the last of his money. But together they overcame this inside a half year because She is not alone living a Loving Woman, also an excellent economic housekeeper. The more they being together (even his temporal language imprisonment) the better felt the love towards each growing.

2000-2002 – He received the honorable nomination to be recommended for the famous worldwide Marquis "Who's who". He received from the American Biographical Institute, Inc. and from the International Biographical Center of Cambridge over twenty Awards, Diploma's and even the honorable title of Doctor/Professor in Native Medicine and Psychology.

For the sake of his beloved wife Dzerzhina he is willing (with pain in his heart) to sell some Gobelins and create with that money a Center of Art.

Art critic Vladimir V. Frolov