The House of Black Heads in Riga

Evaluation of the Gobelin exhibition by M.J. van Wijk
in The House of Black Heads in Riga July 2003

In July 2003 in The House of Black Heads in Riga there was provided a gobelin exhibition by the textile artist Meindert Jan van Wijk. It was a large exhibition and unique in its generic and artificial value. The unusual technique to make a canvas and picture on gobelins and its waving invented by the author made his works high quality art pieces.

Speaking about the plot of his gobelins I must appreciate the author’s deep knowledge and ingenuity. Items of cosmic topics, philosophical reflections of space, time and Universe, symbols of zodiac and planets, as well as classical compositions of heraldry, landscape and portraits have been of astonishing result for many years of work in the field of textile art. Rich in colors and meditative images from the point of view of perception, the gobelin exhibition was one of the highlights of the year in the art of Latvia.

Exhibition of gobelins was inaugurated by the ambassador of The Netherlands and this accent gave to the event an international dimension. More than 10 000 visitors attended the House of Black Heads and enjoyed masterskills of Meindert J. van Wijk.

I would like to emphasize the art of Meindert J. van Wijk should be shown to everybody who is interested in textile design and in art philosophy, because seeing his gobelins causes an endless cognitive process of ours and our relationship with The Universe.

Real Member of The Latvian Academy of Sciences,
Professor, Dr. habil. art Ojars Sparitis

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