Treatment Methodology

We would all like to live healthy lives. But sometimes people fall ill, too. When a people are ill they go to doctors and doctors prescribe a course of treatment and medication. Nowadays there is a specialist on any organ in a human body.

But it has not always been this way. In the olden days people usually went to a shaman or a herbalist. In some cultures shamanism has become a medical art of a very high level.

Through pondering and meditation shamans discovered many mysteries of a human body and the ways of its survival. Through the concentration of thought they had found powers of hypnosis and through the meditation they have learnt to manipulate the chakras. They have also learned how to use plants to the healing effects.

Everything created in the Universe by the Cosmic Spirit is penetrated by the rays of magnetism and gravitation. Human chakras are the receptacles of these rays. By learning to manipulate the chakras the shamans also harnessed the powers of magnetism and gravity.

By harmonizing these forces the shamans direct the Cosmic Energy through the chakras into the body of a patient and the Cosmic Energy – a gift of the Cosmic Spirit – can heal any disease.

The Cosmic Spirit had chosen me to heal patients with the help of the Cosmic Energy. Through the decades of years of traveling in Asia, Australia, Africa and America I have met local shamans and these connections allowed me to accumulate considerable knowledge and skill in alternative medicinal practices.

For fifty years now I have been applying the knowledge and skill to the practice. My qualifications are supported by the certificates from the USA and, naturally, by the feedback of my patients.

Honorable Doctor, Professor
Meindert Jan van Wijk