Healing opportunities

There are seven main energy centers in a human body. They are called chakras and they correspond to the seven nervous plexus. Each chakra projects to the correspondent areas of body and brain. It also controls the organs located in the vicinity. Disarray in one of the chakras is manifested as a disorder of one of the organs connected with it. It leads to the correspondent psychological and physical problems (diseases).

By treating the problem chakra as a cause of the disease with a stream of the Cosmic Energy a healer harmonizes the normal work of the chakra and eliminates the effects of its misbalance, the direct cause of the disease.

To identify the cause of the disease traditionally you need to consult very many specialists. A healer can do that for you by himself aided by the powers of the Cosmic Spirit. In that case a healer is basically a conductor of the Higher will.

Chakra Location in the body Correspondence with diseases
7. Sahasrara
    (Head Chakra)
Limbic system of the brain 1 Migraine
2 Skull fracture
3 Skull crown fracture
4 Skull injury
5 High blood pressure
6 Insomnia
7 Inferiority complex
8 Amnesia
6. Ajna
    (Eye Chakra)
Intersection of the optic nerves 1 Diminished hearing
2 Lacrimal sac deseases
3 Axial Degeneration
4 Allergy
5 Colitis
6 Toothaches
7 Goiter
5. Vishuddha
    (Balance Chakra)
Cervical plexus 1 Whiplash
2 Frozen Shoulder (dhesive capsulitis)
3 Lymphoma
4 Canal of Astasia
5 Atlas blocked
4. Anahata
    (Heart Chakra)
Cardiac plexus 1 Cardiac valve
2 Cardiovascular diseases
3 Condensation in lungs
4 Asthma
5 Air in Aorta
6 Nicotine lungs
3. Manipura
    (Solar Plexus Chakra)
Solar plexus 1 Cholelithiasis
2 Biliary cirrhosis
3 Liver cirrhosis (Alcohol)
4 Urolithiasis
5 Myoma
6 Prolapse of the uterus
7 Cervical inflammation
2. Swadhistana
    (Sacral Chakra)
Aortic plexus 1 urvature of the spine
2 Vertebral ache
3 Rupture
4 Varicoseveins
5 Nervous diseases
6 Flatfoot
7 Achilles tendon
1. Muladhara
    (Virgin Chakra)
Pelvis plexus 1 Inflammation of the urinary bladder
2 Rectal inflammation
3 Fistula
4 Injury of the knee joint
5 Kneecap fracture

Besides, your course of treatment with a healer is absolutely confidential. A lack of any database excludes even the technical possibility of unsanctioned copying and or publication of patients information. Any data on the patients can only be accessed with their permission or on their request.

Honorable Doctor, Professor
Meindert Jan van Wijk