In 1956 in Galveston, Texas I met a Mexican Shaman and my life took a new turn. I understood that people of many different races and cultures all believe in God, but under various names. Regardless of the name that He might have, He is indeed our Creator and the Creator of all that surrounds us.

By Himself, He made the Universe and the Cosmos. He is the Power that fulfills the Universe, He is the Cosmic Spirit. He gave us, His children a small part of Himself: our soul. He gave us a mind and a free will. That makes us the children of the Cosmic Spirit. We all belong to the Cosmos, to our Home, to our Lord, the Creator.

After that turning point in my life I met many other shamans throughout my travels in many different countries of the world:

April 1956 Galveston, Texas Mexican Shaman
June 1956 Puenta Gardon, Venezuela Creole Shaman
October 1956 Bahia, Brazil Mestise Shaman
December 1956 Ching Whan Ton, China Chinese Shaman
March 1957 Guinea Coast, Africa African Shaman
May 1957 Masbate Island, Philippines Philippine Woman Shaman
August 1957 Poeloe Sambo, Singapore Dajac Shaman
February 1958 Lhasa, Tibet Lama
June 1958 Magdala, Burma Elephant Shaman
October 1958 Da Nang, Vietnam Hindu Shaman
December 1958 Hungnam, Korea Boediseh Shaman
June 1959 Malagan Area, Vuurland Patagonian Shaman
February 1960 Belgisch, Congo Masai Shaman
June 1960 Kaptown, South Africa Bantung Shaman
February 1961 Maracaibo, Venezuela Creole Shaman
August 1961 Van Arnhem Land, Australia Aboriginal Shaman
October 1961 Wana, Papua New Guinea Papua Shaman
December 1961 Vancouver Island, USA Indian Shaman
February 1962 Fairbanks, Alaska Eskimo Shaman
July 1962 Purranque, Chile Chile Shaman
September 1962 Putumayo, Colombia Indian Shaman
February 1963 San Michael, Mexico Mexican Shaman

These people taught me the principles of concentration, meditation and relaxation. They shared their gift of using the Cosmos Energy for healing with me.

Honorable Doctor, Professor
Meindert Jan van Wijk