... We have people doing things that are not supposed to be possible. One of our students in Germany (who also lived in the Netherlands and Russia), Meindert Jan van Wyck, was a casualty of WWII. As a child he was a displaced person, lived on the streets, taught himself how to survive, and made his way across Europe. He’s traveled around the world, never schooled or educated, taught himself to read and write (Dutch initially). We met him through someone who attended our course in the Netherlands. I believe he was in his sixties. He told a friend to invite Donna and me to visit him. It was a nice outing. He had a little flat filled with his work – a unique method of stitching that looked like paintings – gobelin art. He said how much he would love to come through the course but financially it was a challenge. We came to an agreement and within days after the course he was giving us feedback on photographing dual-language dictionaries, and started talking to us and was writing and reading in English. He was so beholden to us. We didn’t see or talk to Jan for several years. After using this process for several years, he started corresponding with us. He had written and won awards for poetry in English. He then learned Russian. He is now recognized as one of the top healers and artists in Europe. He has showings of his gobelin art, selling for $100,000+ each. Now he’s known by royalty. ...

“Subliminal Dynamics” by Richard and Donna Welch.
In The International Journal of Healing and Caring:
January 2006, Volume 6, No. 1

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