Meindert Jan van Wijk

Spring; call it the new beginning,
Going are the stormy days, forgotten the hail, and wind

Good things are be said in understanding about caring, sharing
Building a bridge from heart to heart, pleading with faith

Did you remember your promise, supporting your brothers and sisters
Somewhere, in a God’s forsaked land

The poof ones, the children in the mines, hide-away cloth factories
On the vulnisbelts, did you still remember given your vote for them?

We looting into catalogy for close, distance trips
Or maybe for jewels for them, means a catotogy, old paper

Did you date a pretty girl with a dinner? Did you leave it
Behind after your conquest? It could taken with you in a doggy bag

How did your dear one after that car accident? The donor far your love one
Was someone poor one hit by a car while crossing the street

Maybe, maybe someone did let a doggy bag behind only, His bad luck was,
He was self the doggy and his baggy sit now inside your love one.

Never forget: we are all brothers and sisters, never forget:
One day, you will need them I hope for your own sake

In good spirit with good thoughts with friendship in their hearts
In peace, love, and harmony to You.