Meindert Jan van Wijk

Wintertime, every year coming back again.
Gone are the bright many colors of trees
Snow, rain, hail & stormy weather rules again
Gone are me humming sound, noise of the beea.

Winter, clouds brings white blankets of snow
Frozen lakes, rivers, the land of tall trees
Covering every wood, every mountain & town
Bringing frozen in barren cold the snow.

Winter, remember hard labor to harvest
Festivals to celebrate good times
The birth of the Son of our Lord
Bringing the gift of Love and Peace.

In Harmony, one with nature, don't forget
The poor children, working as slaves
On belts, fields, and goldmines
Abled the rich to go free.

Those children, they never asked for a chance
Always looking, waiting, hungry even starving
They needed our thoughts, needed to care
For Them I pray, let there be Christmas too.

May you remember those poor kids
Longing, having some what we have
Paying you may assist to bring
Peace Love and Harmony

Do you remember me writing Springtime?
Did you think this year about the forgotten?
The poor ones of the vulnisbelts, the mines?
Hide-away cloth factories, the ones slept in the streets?

Never the time was better of you recalling
Your business interest, maybe you have made profit
I hope you didn't forget the days of being yourself,
A poor one, a hungry traveler looking, searching
For a shelter and maybe something to eat.

Remember, we are all brothers and sisters
To our Creator, so if you are in good Spirit,
In Peace, Love, and Harmony, don't forget...
I did pray for ALL.