Meindert Jan van Wijk

Dedicated to: Mrs. Elsie Linholm

The wind could be like a whisper
On a hot day be will give refreshment
He can be friendly, gently like a lover
Gently stroking your face like a kiss
Bending you, nursing you.

The wind can be like an angry bull
Snarling and pounding the ground
Raging like a tornado, turning & twisting
Twisted like an unbound fury
Knocking you down, killing you.

The wind is the start of the New born,
Blowing away the clouds of the storm
Gently carried the blossom of the trees
Restless, rushing in every corner
Reached all who arc living under his wings.

The wind is like the breath of our Lord
Bringing our prayer to Him we love
Touching every living thing on Earth,
Even your Soul, yet still close
After HIS touch, wide open for Love.