Meindert Jan van Wijk

A long, long time ago, hardly remembered
Dart, brown; mighty shadows were moving
Across the plains of me forsaked land
Millions of one kind. The mighty Bison.

Now, almost gone, prey of greedy guns
Still alive, he is given a second chance
Hidden from hungry guns, in distant park
Standing tall, this mighty beast, the Bison.

Once the very source of food and clothes
He again will be a part of our life
Given to mankind by the mighty Spirit
We have to save them, these mighty Bison.

Let us be humble, and thank the Lord
For giving "Us" a second chance
To restore that, what we almost destroyed
This wonderful beast, the mighty Bison.

Once he gave us clothes and cover
Even his very life to feed us
Who knows in the far distant future
He will be again, the only source of mankind.